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How To Identify Chat Bots

Chat bots are script written to lead members off the dating website and generate money for the owner. They run rampant on dating websites and apps, but thankfully they’re easy to pick out. By knowing what to look for on their profiles and when talking to people, you can easily avoid falling for this!

Affected are mostly people looking for sexual encounters in dedicated locations, as for example sex in Toronto. Those portals are more scammy and more often redirect to sites that use chat bots.

Because of the nature of chat bots, most of them identify as female and target male users. The main intention of chat bots is to lure users to a cam website or a website aimed at making money from lonely individuals. If you’re looking for something real on a dating website or app, you’ll want to waste as little time as possible entertaining chat bots.

  • Pictures. Usually you can tell a chat bot by looking at their pictures or running a reverse image search on their pictures. If the pictures on someone’s profile are all professionally taken and are from one shoot or they are all professional and promiscuous, chances are that the user is a chat bot.

If you chose to run a reverse image search instead, you merely copy their picture and run it through google. If it comes back with a lot of matches or one of the matches link to a camming website, you’ll know to avoid the person. This method is more work, but more reliable.

  • Profile. Another method of identifying chat bots is to look at their profile. If you’re already skeptical of their profile because of their pictures, you can usually confirm your suspicions by looking at their profile. If they meet the picture criteria above and their profile is blank, there’s a good chance that they are a chat bot!
  • Chatting. If you accidentally match with a bot or don’t care to go through the precautions mentioned above, you can always identify a bot by their chatting habits. Often enough a chat bot will start a conversation by calling you a pet name (examples: baby, babe, sweetie, etc). Usually, they will also immediately start with talk of sexual acts.

If you aren’t interested in checking their pictures or profile and you don’t see red flags in their chatting style, you’ll know it’s a chat bot when they send you a link or flat out ask you for money. Chat bots only purpose is to generate money for the person who installed in on the dating website or app (

While it’s a good idea to be on the lookout for these scams, it’s a terrible idea to flat out accuse someone of being a chat bot. When talking to someone you suspect is a chat bot, ask a nonsexual question and analyze their answer. If they answer saying how ‘hot and wet they are’ chances are, it’s a bot!

Does the Internet Give More Power to the People in Sydney?

Power on the internet does not equate to power anywhere else! In a sense, the internet gives many people power. In the right place, it can give a voice to the quiet, it can empower people to enter the dating scene whereas otherwise they would not, and it can be a source of bullying ( Power on the internet is easy to obtain and easy to lose. But with usernames to hide behind and never really showing your face, losing that power is never a permanent lose.

Being powerful on the internet does not necessarily mean that you are someone of importance or someone who is doing something with their real life. If you are interested in for example sex in Sydney, you look it up in the internet. In the right place, say on youtube, someone who is a victim of a hate crime can speak out against it and gain popularity, whereas in real life they may have been ignored or belittled.

It can give you self-confidence, also known as a form of power, to do things that you normally would not. Such as dating or finding somebody to fuck in Sydney. Being on the internet can give people the power to do things that they are too shy or introverted to do in person. While going out to a bar and talking up a hot chick may be mentally exhausting for some people, they can easily find people to chat with and go out on dates with by using the internet.

On the flip side of this, there are people who abuse the power they find on the internet. They use it to gather up angry hateful crowds and attack the aforementioned victim. Or they go around on social media spewing their hate. These people can even create youtube videos to share their vile ideas and thoughts and attract others who think or feel the same way.

The internet does give power to the people. The form of power and how they use it varies from people to purpose. With the right crowd, you can become a powerful voice on the internet, find the love of your life, or gather a group of trolls. How you use the power is up to you.